Hunting in East Anglia & the South East with The Court Lees Bloodhounds

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What exactly is 'hunting the clean boot'?

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Do's and Don'ts out hunting!

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Covering East Anglia and the South East of England The Court Lees Bloodhounds hunt over stunning private grounds by generous invitation of our landowners.  From Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty along the North Norfolk coast to inland rolling hedge country we can offer a variety of quality meets.

Founded in 2017 by Mr Liam Page and Mr Sam Arbon, ardent bloodhound hunting supporters, and founders of The Court Lees Bloodhounds.

Sam Arbon Master of The Court Lees Bloodhounds

Mr Sam Arbon MBH

We hunt “The Clean Boot” which is purely the scent left by our human quarry, running ahead of our bloodhound pack. Human quarry can make more effective & imaginative use of the countryside, incorporating fences to jump and planning routes using wide field margins, making it a safer days sport.

Liam Page Master of The Court Lee Bloodhounds

Mr Liam Page MBH

Bloodhounds have been bred to hunt by scent alone, making them the ideal hound to track human quarry.  They are very friendly and rewarded with a biscuit or two from our human quarry at the end of the line. Warning! They do slobber.

Warmly welcoming new faces, whether this is your first time hunting or you’re a seasoned hedge hopper we have ‘meets’ for everyone. Our Hunt Team will to be happy to answer any questions you have either on the day or by email

We look forward to seeing you out hunting with us.